Please use the grading rubric to create an outline of your assignment. Each section of the rubric should be a section of your final paper and could become the headings. Your assignment will be graded based on each element of the rubric. Compare each section of your paper with the rubric to ensure all elements are covered. Then, include an introduction and conclusion to tie the paper together.n this assignment, you will be exploring the use of evidence-based practice and how it is incorporated into case management patient care guidelines, and pathways based on your chosen chronic illness from assignment one. (Hypertension) You will identify and discuss current best practices, recommended published guidelines for treating or addressing the illness, and describe how clinical pathways help to address the importance of basing case management on current practice.Provide support from a minimum of two scholarly sources.  Paper should be 4-5 pages in length.Grading RubricCompetency28 points20 points12 points0 pointsPoints EarnedJustifies the use of evidence-based practicesJustifies the use of evidence-based practicesReviews the use of evidence-based practicesStates the use of evidence-based practicesDoes not address best practices./28Evaluates published guidelines.Evaluates published guidelines.Interprets published guidelines.Identifies published guidelines.Does not address published guidelines./28Appraises how clinical pathways influence case management.Appraises how clinical pathways influence case management.Reviews how clinical pathways influence case managementLists how clinical pathways influence case managementDoes not address clinical pathways/28Competency7 points5 points3 points0 pointsPoints EarnedAPACompetent use of APAMinimal APA errorsMany APA errorsComplete lack of understanding/7Competency5 points3 points1 point0 pointsPoints EarnedOrganizationandGrammarOrganization excellent, ideas clear and arranged   logically, transitions smooth, no flaws in logic.  Introduction and   conclusion present. Grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage correct and   idiomatic, consistent with Standard American EnglishOrganization good; ideas usually clear and arranged in   acceptable sequence; transitions usually smooth, good support. Grammar,   punctuation, mechanics, and usage good mostly consistent with Standard   American English; errors do not interfere with meaning or understandingOrganization minimally effective; problems in approach,   sequence, support and transitions. Grammar, punctuation, mechanics and usage   distracting and often interfere with meaning or understandingOrganization does not meet requirements./5Competency4 points2 points1 point0 pointsPoints EarnedReferencesReferences are relevant,   authoritative and contemporary.Adequate references.Minimal use of appropriate   references.Poor use and/or selection of   references not relevant.

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