Option #2

( my topic is hypertension )  write a two page paper explaining the development of your booklet/handout, rules used for creating patient education , advantage and disadvantage of PEMs, and include the method / formula used to assess the reading level of your creation 

I HAVE ATTACHED A COPY OF THE RUBRIC AND EXACTLY WHAT NEEDS TO BE FOLLOWED FOR THIS TWO PAGE PAPER, I have also attached the grading guidelines for how the paper will be graded so please pay attention to it when writing the two leg paper  , please follow all instructions and write the paper according to the information provided above and the ATTCAHED RUBRIC WHICH INCLUDES EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE ON THE PAPER AND HOW MANY POINTS ITS WORTH . any paper writing that does not follow the rubric/ grading guidelines attached will NOT be accepted . I have also attached the SMOG FOR THE REDABILITY LEVEL suitable for an audience  Thank you 

My topic that I picked is HYPERTENSION .. That is what the paper needs to be based on 

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