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ntroduction to Public Speaking – Week 6 Assignment

Informative Speech

Your week 6 assignment is to construct an effective speech based on your new knowledge of all of the components of effective speaking that we covered in the past few weeks. This week, you will construct and delivery an informative speech. The good news? You’ve already got a good start on this process! In weeks 3 and 4, you began working on this—now it’s time to continue building from there to execute an effective informative speech. Your goal is to use principles of effective informative delivery to provide new information and/or clarity about a topic to your audience. Remember—you already chose this topic a few weeks ago and also started gathering sources!

It is critical that you carefully review all course content (lectures, readings, etc.) before completing this task.

Your overall speech should be 4-7 minutes in length and incorporate all of the principles of effective delivery.You will be expected to cite at least 3 academic articles on your topic. You will also be expected to follow all of the guidelines for effective speech delivery. Remember to utilize the speech evaluation worksheet to evaluate your performance on the first draft. You should never submit your first draft as your final draft. Submit only your best. You will be evaluated using the rubric available below.

You must submit an outline along with your speech! Please use the outline template provided to you.

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