i need you to review a peer reviewed journal on leadership theory

Search through the SPC College Library Database for a Peer Reviewed Journal on Leadership Theory.

See http://spcollege.libsurveys.com/Search-Strategy for a Search Strategy Tutorial.

The article cannot be more than 5 years old.

Once you have found an article, please read through the article in order to create a 250 to 300-word summary. Please include what you learned from the article and what you felt were the important take a ways of leadership.

Please see http://spcollege.libguides.com/ld.php?content_id=10168647

for a color coded/diagramed example for a journal article with a doi# an one without a doi#.

  • Please ensure that you correctly cite within the summary.
  • Please remember to include a title page, reference page and rubric in the assignment.
  • Please make sure to follow HSA Style Guidelines for formatting the paper including a running head.
  • Please note that word count DOES NOT include the title page or the rubric. Only the written content of the paper qualifies for meeting the word count requirement.
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