i want a reply post to the below essay in 200 words using apa format and journal articles 18

Part 1:

Designing Team

There are many features that should have successful team builds some features and managers. Building from features such as design, building and project designs. All of these collaborations features have collaborated team. All these building teams are necessary to cope easily with a process of performance achieved teams. For creating effective team, there are some features such as roles and effective leader and understand strong connections. Where there are some goals commonly and members every where. Although team itself considers some basic relationship, placement and commonly establishing.

Skills identify the team and crucial roles played. This is mostly achieved by team members by informing them. For a leader once it is build then required skills are applies and maintains relatiobsh

Part 2:

Team Identity:

Team individual proof is a team that needs a team members and needs to get them. It has been recognized some of the time we feel more required with certain groups than others. It relies upon how valuable we have found in this group. In the event that an individual feels that they have a place with a team, they are recognizable to a positive team, which will influence the business execution and fulfillment of the activity. This can be affected by positive team recognizable proof, which incorporates joining individuals.

As per one of the author, team identification is defied by achieving them. A team combines people differently as well they also try to understand the culture and relationship maintenance with team so they will. Team members always try to give feedback in positive way and they will implement it.

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