i want essay about art using the information attached pdf 4

Vocabulary Terms

Required Reading

Prebles’ Artforms Chapters 12 and 13

Total points for lesson 5 = 40 points

Vocabulary Terms and Examples ( 20 points)

Length of the paper is 1.5 to 2 pages, double-spaced, font size 11 – 12 point. Be sure to edit, proof-read and correct spelling errors. Label each term with a definition and example. Save as a file and upload onto Blackboard.

Describe sculpture vocabulary terms and provide an example of each from any chapter in the text. Your descriptions should be thorough, clear, and accurate. Include the figure number, page number, artist’s name, and the title of the artwork in your examples and explain why you chose the work as an example. Include all of these terms:

1. Freestanding Sculpture

2. Relief Sculpture

3. Kinetic Sculpture

4. Modeling

5. Casting

6. Carving

7. Constructing and Assembling

8. Mixed Media

9. Installation

Journal entry 3: Scavenger hunt (20 points)

This assignment gives you an opportunity to go on a scavenger hunt to find examples of handmade craft items and write a summary describing the items you have found. Be sure that each item you select is hand made and not mass produced. You may have one or more of these items in your own home but you should look beyond your own home and see what your family and/or friends have in their homes, look in local stores, galleries, and museums. You will probably find that stores have commercial, mass produced items while galleries and museums have hand-crafted items.

•You need one hand-crafted item made from each of these materials:






•Describe the item and where you found it. Refer to the text to understand the materials and techniques used to create the items. Include these terms and descriptions in your summary.

•Take a photograph of each item and include it with your summary. (If this is too challenging for you, save your summary and photos as a file and attach it to the file.) Resize the photo if it is large so that it won’t take forever to upload and view. (This can be a photo you take or one that a gallery or museum includes in their promotional materials.)

•Do NOT use items from the Internet – you need to be looking at the item in real life and (hopefully) holding the item in your own hands if possible.

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