Use the following guideline to criticize the attached powerpoint named; (powerpoint 4&5)

Identify mistakes from the powerpoint and criticize it, both good and bad based own the guideline below.The assessment is to see if the the powerpoint presentation  addressed all the questions asked.

To review- each group was to develop a PowerPoint presentation devoted to the best financial practices for health care. 

  1. Identify and describe your healthcare organization (e.g. hospital, physician organization, laboratory, other).
  2. List at least five “Best financial practices” that you believe are important for your healthcare organizations to follow. Base your choice on your reading in this course and research.
  3. Explain why each of these practices are important for your healthcare organizations given the current policy and regulatory environment.
  4. Explain what can go wrong if the practice is not followed.

Give a review and assessment on  the attached  power point separately

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