information on churchill s dark decision

View the video and After doing so, write an essay that responds to the following question: was Churchill correct to use force in his attempt to seize French warships in 1940?

Your answer should be at least 500 words and have three parts.

Part 1 should answer the question based upon what Churchill knew (or believed he knew) in 1940 regarding the French fleet and the naval balance of power in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Part 2 should answer the question based upon how Churchill hoped to influence President Roosevelt.

Part 3 should answer the question based upon what can now be discovered regarding Hitler’s intentions in July 1940.

These intentions can be deduced from captured German documents which record Hitler’s discussions with Italian Foreign Minister Ciano found in Ciano’s Papers and German Foreign Policy as well as in his discussions with top naval officers found in the Fuehrer Conferences on Naval Affairs.

Each of the three above sources our found on our course Moodle. You should use each of the above three sources in your response.

Indicate use by putting in parenthesis (Ciano’s Papers), (German Foreign Policy), and (Fuehrer Conferences on Naval Affairs).

Indicate use of the video by putting in parenthesis (Churchill’s Darkest Hour).

Do not quote from any source.

Simply put your response in your own words



German Foreign Policy…

Ciano’s Papers :…

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