innovation strategies in the public and nonprofit organizations 1

All great organizational ideas derive from stakeholders such as employees or constituents to some extent, and public and nonprofit organizations are no exception. How do leaders and managers of these organizations access all of the organizational ideas that employees might be generating on their own in a more formal way? They could go to each employee and ask them for their ideas, but this is a time-consuming and inefficient way to gather information, and does not create synergy among employees. Thus, leaders and managers need to apply techniques of management innovation. As a future public or nonprofit leader, what innovation tools are available? What are the costs and benefits of each?

For this Discussion, select one of the tools listed in the Learning Resources: strategic planning, re-engineering, quality management, benchmarking, team management, and leveraging the private sector. Research scholarly articles or free media such as Ted Talks related to your chosen innovation tool that shows the tool being used in a public or nonprofit organization.

The Assignment 1-1.5 pages must include:

1. a summary of the article or source you chose about your innovation tool.

2. Then explain challenges related to use of the tool.

3. Explain the benefits and costs related to use of the tool you identified.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and other current literature



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