integrating scholarship substantiating the identified problem

In Week 1, you identified a problem in your professional discipline. This week you will incorporate the scholarship piece of the SPL Model by providing background to the problem and including peer-reviewed scholarly literature to substantiate that the problem exists.

Locate two peer-reviewed scholarly articles (published within the last five years) from the University Library that address the problem. Visit Doctoral Writing Resources and under Argument Construction, review the information under ‘Research’ and ‘Integrating and Synthesizing Literature’ for information on how to begin researching a topic and information on how to move beyond analyzing and summarizing articles.

Create an analytical framework; a matrix to use as you analyze the articles, and analyze the two peer-reviewed articles. You will add to the analytical framework next week. Append (place in the appendix) the analytical framework document to your executive summary template to show your analytical work.

Revise your statement of the problem from Week 1, based on your instructor’s feedback.

Write 1-2 new paragraphs providing a brief description and background of the problem you identified in Week 1 using the scholarly articles to support the existence of the problem. Use scholarly voice.

***For information on scholarly voice, visit Doctoral Writing Resources and read the information under ‘Scholarly Voice’.

Support the existence of the problem using evidence from the two articles you located. Address the articles directly, summarizing their major arguments and salient points to support that there is a problem worthy of scholarly study.

Include in-text citations and an APA formatted reference page.

***For information on citations and reference entries, visit Doctoral Writing Resources and view the PowerPoint presentations under ‘APA Tutorials’.

Insert the discussion into the Executive Summary Template where appropriate.

Format the title page and body of the paper using APA guidelines. Using the Executive Summary Template will ensure proper formatting.

Place your analytical framework as an Appendix to your paper. Using the Executive Summary Template will ensure proper formatting.

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