interpersonal stress

Interpersonal Stress

While some of your questions in the COMPLETE section are opinion based, many require research and facts to support your answers. In those questions, please utilize APA references and citations. Often opinion questions can be supported by research. APA references and citations should be used to support that as well.

1. Nothing is more stressful than a miserable relationship and nothing can be more satisfying than a loving relationship. Briefly discuss Carl Rogers “5 Characteristics of all Successful Relationships”.

2. List the 10 steps or principles necessary to deal with difficult people.

3. Consider your family and its patterns of behavior. What can be done to improve your family’s happiness and effectiveness?

Respond to each of these questions with a minimum of 450 words, in addition to citing the uploaded course textbook Manning, G., Curtis, K., McMillen, S., and Attenweiler, B. (2011). Stress living & working in a changing world, there must also be 2 scholarly sources from the Library in, please reference from this site if used. Please select course number/name that matches this course. MOD2620_96N.

In reference to source use, try to make sure we are utilizing Bethel University Library scholarly sources and display the DOI or Permalink from the Bethel University “Cite” button displays. The DOI/Permalink (i.e. retrieved from address) provides a direct link to the source which allows the reader to quickly refer to the source utilized and is an APA formatting requirement for citing scholarly journals & articles. Source use is 10% of your discuss grade which includes APA formatting, if source requirements are met, and the level of source integration. Additionally, verify in-text citations are in APA style, such as needing to encase directly quoted words or phrases with quotation marks and only needing to provide the page or paragraph number if providing direct quotes or jargon.

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