interview essay 4

This is the first of a two-part assignment which entails a scheduled interview with a nurse who is minimally baccalaureate prepared and in either a clinical, educational or managerial role (This does not include your supervisor or anyone in your work area). Your selection should be based upon your interest in the role, setting or admiration of the individual interviewed. You will identify and schedule an appointment for the interview.You may construct questions which includes, personal/professional philosophy and theory/theorist that guides the practice of your interviewee, and why. Look for and or ask for examples of how theory is demonstrated in practice.You may record the interview with permission.

The paper should be no longer than 4 – 5 pages in length, use APA 6th edition (include abstract) and reflect your experience during this noteworthy interview. Please see additional information below.This nursing professional selection could possibly lead to your preceptor choice in your leadership practicum or as a career mentor.Wear your BLSON lab coat with MDC ID (You are representing the Program).

  • What is your job title?
    • Nursing Supervisor
  • What type of healthcare setting do you work in?
    • Inpatient/outpatient hospital facility
  • What are your responsibilities?
    • Provide support and decision making for the hospital when floor directors are not around
    • Bed capacity within the ER
    • Allocate supplies throughout the hospital when needed
    • Advocate for patients when there is a complaint or request
    • Coordinate bedside procedures to ensure that the correct personnel and equipment are at the bedside
    • Flight control of admissions per floor to ensure safe nurse to patient safety ratio
    • Staff the shift to arrive to make sure the hospital has the correct man power to provide adequate patient care
    • Manage the personal belongings safe and verify all belongings including money placed in safe
    • Understand all facility safety protocols in the case of an emergency take lead until CNO arrives in hospital.
    • Supervise codes and ensure patient safety is maintained at all times
    • Assess any employee injury
  • What is your personal philosophy of nursing?
    • I personally believe that nursing is the Achilles of the healthcare. Without nursing hospitals wont be able to function at such an effective rate. Nursing is the total care of the patient in any clinical/non clinical setting. Taking into effect all of the patients current needs while addressing their HPI, progress, and aftercare all within 3 days! Medicine has evolved to wear now surgeons use robotics to perform surgeries. Taking away the hands to make more precise incisions and better outcomes. Nurses are not replaceable. The caring compassion that a nurse has is rare and the few that are staffed throughout hospital across the United States are severely underappreciated. Nursing is miracle work.
  • What is your professional philosophy of nursing? As a nurse we have the responsibility to care and nurture the public back to healthy standards while ensuring their safety. We must treat every patient with the respect and dignity that every person deserves regardless of anything. Once you begin to treat the patient like they were family that’s when the real healing begins.
  • What theory do your place of work use to guide practice?
    • Virginia Hudson – She emphasized the importance of increasing a client’s independence to promote their continued healing progress after hospitalization. Her definition of nursing was one of the first to mark the difference between nursing and medicine. “The unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (or to peaceful death) that he would perform unaided if he had the necessary strength, will, or knowledge. And to do this in such a way as to help him gain independence as rapidly as possible. She must in a sense, get inside the skin of each of her patients in order to know what he needs.”
  • How would you handle a crisis?
    • In nursing you learn that handling any crisis, which you can take into real life, requires you to be a great listener. Using your eyes to see things that were missed. Using your voice to heal and not stir up more anger. I try to approach every crisis like there is a resolution, instead of defending one side of it.
  • How would you deal with someone not satisfied with patient care?
    • Truly assess the current situation. You have take the role of the other in both parties. Understanding what the complaint is and why the request wasn’t fulfilled. Showing empathy.
  • How long have you worked in the medical field?
    • 10 years
  • Education?
    • BSN
  • Certifications?
    • RN-BC, ACLS & BLS AHA Instructor, CSRN
  • Any advice for me?
    • Pick an area of nursing that you know you love so deeply that when you see something wrong with the bigger picture it motivates you to make a change.
  • What involvement do you have with health promotion, risk reduction and disease prevention?
    • I work closely with nursing sister departments like Education, Infection Control, and employee health. Always generating new ideas and implementations to take to the floors
  • What was your greatest challenge facing nursing today? MAKE THIS SHIT UP TOO
  • Why did you choose nursing?
    • I chose nursing because it was a great field in the study that I love “medicine”. I loved hospitals since I was a little kid and always told myself that I would work in a hospital when I grow up.
  • What do you love about being a nurse
    • That thank you I got at the point of discharge. People don’t realize how vulnerable patients truly are being in the hospital at decreased health. To hear the patient or family thank me for doing something as easy as my job with love, gives me a lot of reward to continue to move forward.

    ***They are questions that were applied for the interview please apply these questions to the essay.Any information that wasnt filled can you please fill in question.

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