introduction to crime theory 1

Answer each question minimum of 300 words. Use provided material (PDF book) as well as 2 additional sources to answer questions. Reference/cite in APA formatt. Remember to place in-text citations at the beginning of each new paragraph to support facts. Here is the reference for the (PDF): [Bohm, R. M., & Vogel, B. L. (2011). A primer on crime and delinquency theory (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/CENGAGE Learning].

1.) In detail, describe the Classical Theory and Neo-Classical Theory. What do you see as the main differences between the two? Which theory do you believe to be dominant?

2.)Jeremy Bentham believed that the pain of the punishment should outweigh the pleasure of performing the crime. Do you agree with this theory or not?

3.) Cesare Beccaria believed in crime prevention over criminal punishment. List the six items that Beccaria believed would reduce crime and expound on whether you believe them to be pertinent to this day and age.

4.) What are the differences between the Rational Choice Theory and the Classical Theory?

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