journalism class mass media analysis writing

Total word count: 700, need choose two mass media from the attached file, and use two citation from the attached files.

Writing instruction:

  • Compare and contrast issues of consolidation/conglomerates in two mass media industries to the best of your ability. What are the similarities and differences between the two industries in contemporary society, particularly in terms of ownership? How did history, organization and economics affect this consolidation/conglomeration?
    • Use examples from the class and Media Essentials to construct your answer. Do not come up with your own example.
    • Answers should not exceed 700 words. There is no minimum.

For those struggling with what exactly I mean by the prompt above, use the following questions as the guide for your essay for each media industry (examples: Music Industry, Internet Industry or Book Industry).

1. What are the major companies/organizations that “control” the particular media industry?

2. How do these companies make money?

3. How does the history of the media industry impact or shape its economic models and/or the companies that are now controlling it?

4. Are the major companies/organizations that “control” the industry an oligopoly or not? Why?

5. What are the differences and similarities in terms of economics, the companies, or the way money is made between the two different industries?

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