law enforcement response to an active shooter


In Unit 5, you discussed the new tactics law enforcement uses when confronting an active shooter. These tactics involved the force response to the active shooter. However, the autonomous nature of the active shooter calls for law enforcement to make adaptations beyond the force options. The key to stopping an active shooter before he or she begins is through the attainment of information. This information comes from friends, family, and community leaders to the police, so that the act can be intercepted before anyone is hurt.

As the captain of your local police municipality, you know selling the concept of COP to the average police officer will be a difficult task. This week in the command staff forum, you wish to present COP and how it can thwart an active shooter attack. You will pose the idea to the command staff for their insight and thoughts on the topic. You want to present the unique challenges the homegrown radical or lone gunman poses for law enforcement, and how community relations will help law enforcement stop such persons before the shooting starts. This information will be of great use when you are trying to “sell” COP to the department officers.

For your initial discussion post:

  • Illustrate three unique challenges posed by the homegrown radical or lone gunman.
  • Explain how community relations will address these challenges and help stop these persons before there is violence.
  • Detail how these will benefit the officer on the street.
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