legal issues facing nurses 4

Assignment Content

    • Summarize the legal issues present in the case.
    • Brainstorm risk-mitigation techniques that the hospital could have employed to prevent the situation.
    • Determine actions the nurse could have taken to improve the outcome.
    • 18- to 20-slide presentation (must include speaker notes with analysis supported by your references)
    • 15- to 20-minute oral presentation (must include analysis supported by your references; references submitted as a Word document)
    • 875-word paper
    • Another format approved by your instructor

Top of Form

Research common legal issues in health care or choose one of the legal case studies from the Nurses Service Organization.

Select a legal case study of interest or area in which you have experience.

Analyze the legal case study. Ensure you include the following:

Cite at least 3 evidence-based, peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years to support your positions.

Format your assignment as one of the following:

Include an APA-formatted reference list.

This assignment is due on Sunday 6/9/19 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time. Please make sure you have to follow the instructions in order for full credit.

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