microsoft office project hw

You have taken over as project manager for a light duty warehouse. A draft CPM schedule is attached. All of the problems below refer to the draft CPM.Your company policy is to work a normal 5 day, 40 hour per week schedule unless overtime or weekends work is required to meet the scheduled completion date.

1. Analyze the CPM.

a. Identify and correct any errors in the network logic

b. Calculate all ES, EF, LS, LF, Total Float, Path Float, Free Float and Independent Float values. Show all values on the diagram. Show the critical path.

2.The project will start on Monday October 2nd. Prepare a Project Date – Calendar Date conversion chart for the entire project. The template file is in <CON 4000 HW 05 Project – Calendar date correlation template.xls>. You are working a normal 5 day, 40 hour per week schedule. Holidays are November 10th (Veteran’s Day Observation), and November 23rd and 24th (Thanksgiving). For parts a., b. and c. below sketch a bar chart style schedule for the task on your Project – Calendar date template. The “Mobilize” task is shown on the template as an example. Include Float for non-critical tasks on your bar chart schedule.

a. What is the calendar completion date of the project?

b. What is the earliest date that you can schedule a pressure test of the building fire hydrants with the fire department?

c. What is the earliest date that you can schedule a test of the building fire sprinkler system with the fire department?

3. It is now Friday afternoon on October 13th.The owner just gave you a change order to use a different style of windows and doors for the front entrance. Your window supplier informed you that if you order today, the windows will arrive on the job November 6th by regular freight. Installation can begin the day after the windows and doors arrive.

a. What tasks does this change order affect in your schedule?

b. Is it possible to keep the project on schedule to finish on the original completion date? If your answer is “yes,” explain how you would accomplish this. If you answer is “no,” explain why you cannot accomplish this.

c. The windows can be shipped by air freight and arrive November 2nd. This will cost an additional $900.00.Should you choose the air freight? Explain your answer.

d. What additional expenses, if any, will be caused by this change? If there are additional expenses, who should pay for them? Explain your answer.

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