mitm attack raspberry pi

  1. Presentation: Presentation should have participation from each member of group. Presentation should include a demo of your selected PI project. Try to balance the presentation among the group. PowerPoint slides or similar slides should be used. Do not read PowerPoint slides. A Power Point Presentation should include demonstration of product, discussion on how you made it work and difficulties you had making it work. Share the work and responsibilities.
  2. Word or PDF document with Instructions on how to configure PI from scratch for your project. In your own words, do not copy and paste from PI site. Example; if I have never configured a Pi, your documentation will show me how.
  3. Group peer evaluation. Each member will submit a separate evaluation about the group. Due before class on presentation day.
  4. Deliverables to submit to Blackboard by a member of Group. Due date of your group presentation.

*i am member of team of 4 people and we should do at least 20 pages and each one has to write 5 pages to share the group

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