Before responding to this week’s discussion question, you should spend some time reviewing the video clips provided in the previous page from the movie, Outsourced. We ask you to discuss whether you have seen evidence of stereotype, or prejudice, or both, or none?

An evidence of such can be how the movie reflected Indian or American culture in a way that’s stereotypical, or prejudiced, or both.

An evidence of such can also be how characters treating each other in the movie that reflected stereotypical, or prejudiced view against a social group.

You can also discuss how you didn’t see any evidence of those, in which case you still need to use the definition and example to prove that this is the case.

Claim: did you see evidence of stereotype, or prejudice, or both, or none? 

Definition: [if you choose to discuss stereotype] what is the textbook definition for stereotype? What are its five different points of variance and what do they mean?

                [if you choose to discuss prejudice] what is the textbook definition for prejudice? what are its five different forms and what do they mean?

               If you believe you didn’t see any evidence, you will choose either stereotype or prejudice to define and discuss for the rest of your posting.

Example: Please select from the video clips presented on the page, Outsourced: Educational Preview ( (Links to an external site.)) It is helpful if you let us know the name of the clip (e.g. Todd’s First Training, Todd Creating Incentive Program). Please then illustrate, in your own words, the plot. Please include details of who said what. Please also include non-verbal communication details as much as possible, such as eye-contact, change of personal distance, facial expression.

Explain: please revisit the definition you cited with your chosen example on your mind. Why do you believe that your chosen example has evidence of stereotype or prejudice? How does this example vary along the five points of variance (e.g. is this a positive stereotype? is this an accurate stereotype? is this a widely held consensus? Is this stereotype about a specific characteristic of that group?) Or if you’ve chosen prejudice, what kind of form best approximates the prejudice (Is this a blatant prejudice? Is this a prejudice that showcases tokenism or arm’s length?) Please briefly discuss why you believe this is the case.

Video link : ( (Links to an external site.)

Word Count 400-500

Do not copy from internet

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