Chapter 20 discussed inventory management, the economic-order-quantity model, supply-chain approach, and just-in-time production system. It is time to apply that reading. For this set of homework problems, you will focus on economic-order-quantity, just-in-time production, and lean accounting.

  • In this activity, you will create a word document or excel file, and complete the selected exercises at the end of the chapter.
  • Please complete the following exercises from the end of Chapter 20:
    • Exercise 20-19 (page 795) Economic-order-quantity for manufacturer
    • Exercise 20-18 (page 795) EOQ for a retailer
    • Exercise 20-21 (page 796) Just-in-time production, relevant benefits, relevant costs
    • Problem 20-36 (page 801) Just-in-time production, relevant benefits, relevant costs, ethics
  • Be sure to show your work completely in all exercises.
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