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My score week 1 of this course was 28 when I completed the assessment again week 8 my score was 38. It was no surprise to me that the score increased. I have developed a better understanding of the value of informatics and its importance as a driving force in changing the way nursing is done. I will take with me the knowledge that evidence-based practice is based on the intake of quality data; ensuring that the integrity of data collected is of the utmost importance to the development of quality care (Chamberlain Lesson week 8, 2019). Moving forward in my practice I intend to encourage the use of standardized charting. When terminology has been standardized health data can be reused to improve safety, and efficiency, improve care processes, engage patients in their care and assist with coordination of care for both individuals and populations (Khokhar et. Al, 2017).

Knowledge, skills, and attributes I have gained through ought this course have helped me to understand the benefits of technology to patient outcomes and quality care. Honestly, I have never been a fan of computer charting and at times wished to go back to the days of paper charts, as that is what was utilized when I first entered the profession. I tend to feel the most comfortable here, however, I am now better able to see the infinite possibility of potential benefit to patient outcomes and nursing practice. It is true it is not until you step out of your comfort zone that you grow.

I am excited now to share what I have learned with my peers, while I do not wish to do research in any manner; I don’t think I would mind providing education to other nurses regarding the systems we currently utilize. I think that moving forward in my career this will be of tremendous benefit to my nursing practice. It truly is amazing how knowledge changes attitudes.


Khokhar, A., Lodhi, M. K., Yao, Y., Ansari, R., Keenan, G., & Wilkie, D. J. (2017). Framework for Mining and Analysis of Standardized Nursing Care Plan Data. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 39(1), 20–41. (Links to an external site.)

Chamberlain University. (2019). RN Information Systems in Healthcare Week 8 Lesson. DownersGrove, IL: Online publication.

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