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Good evening classmates and professor,

Personal health records (PHR) have been developed so that computerized medical records are readily available to patients. As in the case study, the pros of having a PHR account is having medical records access Allowing patients to view test or lab results anywhere Internet access is located. As a result, communication and decision making between patient and health care provider regarding health concerns will improve. PHR offer many benefits to patients come a physician’s, as well as the health care system such as patient empowerment, improve patient-provider relationships, increased patient safety, improved quality of care come improved efficiency of care delivery, better safeguards on health information privacy, and bigger cost savings (Endsley, et al., 2006). Currently there are 2 kinds of PHR, stand alone or tethered. In the case study, the PHR presented is tethered “where portions are populated by the health care plan or health care delivery system that supports it (Hebda & Czar, 2019).” Their sister reason why her test results were not fully accessible because the labs used in the ED and her doctor’s office were not connected. The cons of this situation are difficulty accessing health information and test results as well as wasting time in attempting to get the other portion of results. BHR and patient portals are password protected to help patients and healthcare professionals ensure safety. Like EHRs, PHR’s are safeguarded to protect patients’ privacy and security.

The challenges for patients without access to all of EHRs/PHRs can be lack of personal health information to make proper decision making regarding their health, difficulty obtaining personal health records, and difficulty in communicating with their health care providers.


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