need to peer review the document as per below instructions

Each student is to review the submission of at least one peer and provide detailed feedback regarding the content, organization, writing clarity, grammar, spelling, and APA format. The comments are to be returned to the peer by 12 Midnight on Sunday. I encourage students to use “track changes” and “insert comments” tools to provide the feedback. Both of these tools are available in Word. Here are a few prompts to consider as you review your colleague’s work:

1. Does each chapter begin with an introduction? The introduction should introduce the reader to contents of that particular chapter.

2. Did the author include all required components? Use the chapter guidelines and PowerPoint as a guide. Do they have a comprehensive presentation of the implications of their work? Sometimes, authors tend to present narrow implications. Encourage the author to “think big”!!3. Is writing clear, concise, and free of grammatical and spelling errors? If you are noticing multiple errors, point this out as a general comment to the author. It is not necessary to correct each and every error.4. Was the document prepared according to APA guidelines? Consider margins, pagination, in-text citations, quotations, and appendices, Again, if you notice the same error being made repeatedly, just make a general comment to the author. It is not necessary to keep correcting the same error throughout the paper. Be sure to check the reference list!!

5. Provide a few summary comments about the overall product. You are all reaching the final weeks of the DNP program. This document will serve as a reflection of the individual author. Help the author create a quality document!!

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