operational excellence 25

Assignment Type: Individual Project

A hands-on assessment project to explore the world of data analytics, using Tablaeu Sample Dataset: Sample Superstore Dataset to transform the raw data into meaningful information. The dataset contains product information, customer orders, and regions. The dataset will benefit local suppliers and the offshore industries.

Individual Project Instructions:

  1. Open a sample Dataset from Tableau: Example, from:

C:Users<your_name>DocumentsMy Tableau RepositoryDatasources2019.2en_US-US à Select the Sample Superstore Excel file

  1. On the left Navigation pane “Connect” to open a File, click on Microsoft Excel – Browse to select the sample dataset from step #2 above: Sample Superstore Dataset: Click Open à Result Displays the Sheet1
  2. From Connections: Sample Superstore: Drag Sheets to the working pane –
  • Orders
  • People
  • Returns
  1. In the top center Working page, Connection, select Extract -> Add (displays the Sheet 1 – ready for your to do drag and drop to analyze the data)
  2. Click on the Sheet1 to open the Data and Analytics page. Rename the Sheet1 to Assessment2
  3. On the Pages/Filter/Marks section: Fill in the Columns and Rows
  4. Drag to the Rows -> Dimensions
  • Example: Category, City, Country, Customer ID, Product Name, Segment
  1. Drag to the Columns -> Measures
  • Example: Discount, Profit, Quantity, Sales
  • Result shows a horizontal bar:
  1. Save the horizontal bar screenshot as Assess2-1-horizontal_bar
  2. Right click on the Assess2-1-horizontal_bar, select Duplicate to create sheet2
  • Rename to Assess2-2-Stacked_bars
  • From the right side, Click on Stacked bars to change the graphical display.
  1. Repeat same to save total of five additional graphical display as follows:
  • Appendix A: Assess2-1 – horizontal bar
  • Appendix B: Assess2-2 – stacked bars
  • Appendix C: Assess2-3 – text tables
  • Appendix D: Assess2-4 – circle views
  • Appendix E: Assess2-5 – scatter plots
  1. From the right side, try to change selections to get a Highlight Tables in the graphical display.
  • Double click to Rename the sheet to Highlight_Tables
  • Capture screenshot and save as Appendix F: Assess2-6 – highlight tables
  1. Using sample sheets above create your new design of another Dimensions and Measures
  • Rename the Sheet to your design name. Capture screenshot and save as Appendix G: Assess2-7 – your name
  1. Save all the four sheets, use Snipping Tool to do screen capture of the seven sheets, copy and paste to a word doc, and save.
  2. Add an overview about one paragraph to explain each sheet. Save and submit for grading in iLearn. Maximum page about 4-6 pages (title page and Appendixes included).
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