phil103 syllogistic rules and formal fallacies

  1. Please do the following for each of these categorical propositions:
  • Identify the Subject and Predicate Terms
  • Name the Letter
  • State the Quantity and Quality
  • Decide whether the terms Distributed or Undistributed in the following Two Categorical Propositions

a)Some members of the American Medical Association are credentialed people holding professional degrees from recognized academic institutions of higher learning in this country.

Subject Term: ____________________________________________________________

Predicate Term: __________________________________________________________

Letter or Proposition: ______

Quantity: _______________________ Quality: ___________________

Distribution: __Subject Term________ and ____Predicate Term__________

() Yes or () No() Yes or () No

b) No good students in this logic (philosophy) class are highly disciplined and ambitious future leaders with the potential of making remarkable contributions in their respective communities.

Subject Term: _______________________________________________________

Predicate Term: ______________________________________________________

Letter or Proposition: _______

Quantity: _______________________ Quality: ____________________

Distribution: __Subject Term_________ and ____Predicate Term_________

() Yes or () No() Yes or () No

2) Chapter 5: Syllogistic Rules and Formal Fallacies:

Instruction: Clearly Identify the Syllogistic Rule(s) broken and Name the specific Formal Fallacy or Fallacies committed in each of the following 10 argumentative Passages:

  • AEA-1: _________________________________________________
  • EEI-2: __________________________________________________
  • AAI-3: _________________________________________________
  • IOI-4: ___________________________________________________
  • AEO-2: _________________________________________________
  • AEI-3: __________________________________________________
  • EEO-4: _________________________________________________
  • AAO-2: _________________________________________________
  • EEA-1: _________________________________________________
  • AAO-1: ________________________________________________
  1. (Chapter 3): Define Five of these Logical Concepts:
  • Argumentum ad hominem: __________________________________________
  • Fallacy of Force: __________________________________________________
  • Red Herring: _____________________________________________________
  • Argumentum ad Populum: __________________________________________
  • Fallacy of False Cause: ____________________________________________
  • Clearly Identify or Name the Specific Informal Fallacy or Fallacies Committed in each of these Five (5) Argumentative Passages (5%):

  • No one has ever seen Mr. Andrews drink a glass of wine, beer, or any other
  • Everyone nowadays is on a low-carb diet. Hence, you should also go on a low-carb diet too in order to do what everyone else is doing.
  • All of us cannot be famous, because all of us cannot be well known.
  • Fred Nietzsche was personally more philosophical than his philosophy. His talk about power, harshness and superb immorality was the hobby of a stupid young scholar who later died of Syphilis.
  • Either you let me attend the Dixie Chicks’ concert or I’ll be miserable for the rest

alcoholic beverages. Therefore, Mr. Andrews is a non-drinker or does not drink.


of my life. I know you do not want me to be miserable for the rest of my life, so it follows that you will let me attend the Dixie Chicks’ concert. __

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