please write me a discussion and 2 response

task 1: Please finish this discussion question in two paragraph. This question should base on one classmates’s discussion, but you can add more specific points or ideas. I post it here also.

question: What factors determine the geographic extent of political control – the size of what we would now call the “state”?

student’s discussion: Territory is vital importance for a country in the long history. That’s one of reason that why so much countries are willing to start a war to plunder territory. Because the expansion of the territory could help a country to obtain new resources and people from outside, it also increase a country’s wealth through taxation and plunder. An important factor in determining a size of state is the militant combat power of this country. Take the Roman Empire as an example. The Roman Empire was originally a small city-state, but later it became a vast empire. One of the important reasons is that its military is well trained so that could help it win wars again and again. Of course, the geological location is also very important for the size of state. The Roman Empire is in the middle of the Italian peninsula, the location is very suitable for defense and expansion. Because the Italian peninsula is the link between the two parts of the Mediterranean, it can be said that it is in the center of the Mediterranean, which allows the Roman Empire could use the convenient water transportation to various countries and to facilitate the expansion of the territory.

task 2: Also I need two more response for those student’s original work. I will post here also.

Student work 1: Indeed, in addition to the important influence of population size on the size or territory of a country, I think national strength/power also influences the size of a country’s geographic extent of political control. As you mentioned, the Roman empire was built and grew because Rome had great national power, including economic, political and military power. As a result, they can win the war against other countries and gain more territory. For the defeated and the weaker side, they had to cede land to pay reparations. In this way, the territory of their own country will be reduced. For modern world wars, the influence of national power on territorial control is the most obvious. For example, China’s defeat at the end of the Qing dynasty caused the country’s territory to be carved up by other powers. In addition, it seems to me that geographical location and historical factors can have an impact on the territorial scope.

student work 2: The factors that may determine the geographic extent of political control are:

  • the geographical footprint of a state.
  • the demographics which are determined by the size and population of each state.
  • the people’s vote.

In order to answer this question, we must first understand what is territory o a state. Territory a state is determined by the area that it is located in or the jurisdiction that the state is in. It’s land that is organized in a controlled division area of a country. Now we can Tie in all of these factors that will help to determine the geographic extent of political control. So let me first start speaking about the geographical footprint of each state and how it is determined by the number of counties in each community of a state, which in tern establishes the importance of winning over that particular state in an election. Candidates that are running for office use this to determine how important any state is, in order to determine if it makes sense to campaign in the state to win the electoral votes. In the United States the states with the most electoral votes are determined by the number of electors that are equal to the number of representatives plus two electoral votes for both senators that state has in our congress. This is based on the states population, this all boils down to the population votes in that state. How many people (or the census) of that state and the demographics which is a contributing factor in them determining the importance of winning that state.

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