1. Is Federalism Necessary? Please respond to the following:

  • Based on the scenario and the knowledge gained from the assigned reading, address the following:
  • Discuss at least two effects on U.S. citizens that stem from the division of power between the federal and state governments.
  • Take a position for or against whether the federal government should allow states to make decisions on anyone or moreof the following topics, for or against:
  • the legalization of marijuana,

  • same-sex marriage,

  • gun laws (Example: conceal weapons policy),

  • the right to accept or refuse immigrants, and

  • the possibility of its own health care, which could eliminate Obamacare, or

  • another relevant states’ rights issue

Provide reasons to support your answer, including the consideration of the Constitution.

2. Please respond to the following post from this student

The creation of an effective constitutional structure of political institution was a great achievement of the American foundation.  Federalism and the separation of powers are important aspects of the U.S Constitution that represents the Framers’ efforts to divide governmental power.  The separation of powers purposes internal limits by dividing government against itself, giving different branches separate functions and forcing them to share power.  One of the most effects citizens have on the separation of powers is the regulation of state laws by the federal government.  For example, California passed laws that allowed marijuana dispensaries to sell it to certain people, but the federal government shut down many of theses dispensaries because they argued that marijuana was still illegal under federal law.  Another effect of federalism is the redistribution of wealth.  The federal government generates revenue from certain federal programs and it taxes states and its citizens.  That revenue is redistributed in a variety of ways, such as medical programs, educational programs, and others.  A lot of people like myself think that the inefficiency with which the federal government redistributes wealth, they actually waste money and it represents excessive taxation to us as citizens.  One position in which I believe federal government should not allow states to make decisions is the right to accept of refuse immigrants.  If the federal government allows these to happen, states like Texas, Arizona, Florida, California, and New York will have a great episode of violence and a collapse of their local economy. The majority of immigrants in the U.S. are taxpayers an they do contribute to this country’s economy.  This topic of immigration is a nationwide problem in which federal government should be completely involve on.

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