presidential candidate debates research

Conduct Research & Fill out the matrix for each Presidential Front-runner.

The Candidates are Cory Booker and Michael Bennet. Go watch videos and collect facts from each of there presidential debates from last night and Wednesday night. Also include a bit of history about each candidate.

Find from them 3 Economic Points, and decide if they are good points or bad points and support each of the 3 points with supporting facts from economic theory. Write a 4 sentence paragraph for each of the 3 points along with supporting facts.

Also, determine if each candidate used “SINSS”. Write a 4-sentence paragraph for 3 parts of did they SIN.

SIN means:

Switch the subject

Ignore the facts

Name call



Remember to fill out the matrix and answer the question for each candidate separately.

The candidates are United States Senator Cory Booker and United States Senator Michael Bennet.

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