proposal memo for managerial writing on workplace issue

I have to write a proposal for the topic I chosen to write my final paper on. This is just a proposal not the final project. I have started it but it requires a Ghant chart. I am writing on communication in the workplace. This is about how is effects the units ability to be effective and have a positive morale of the employees. The unit is a support unit and consists of Soldiers and civilians that work together. You have the two that communicate differently. On the other hand you have a rank or position structure consisting of Officers and NCO’s Non-Commissioned Officers (Sergeants). The rank structure sometimes gets in the way of completing task due to abusing power and not following guidelines and regulations to quickly complete a task. When task are complete and quickly the higher level rankings only see completing and the middle leadership receives praise. The upper level are not aware that these task were completed against the rules and regulations we should follow. Toxic leadership is also a issue as a leader may use power to not listen to his advisors and waste time and resources on a task which would have to be patched up in the end due to not communicating and listening to advisors. Communicating task objectives, completion time lines and resources may also cause effectiveness to decrease. Creating a clear and concise message helps to get the job done correctly. Abuse of position and rank is also a issue as some leaders do not understand Soldiers are also human beings and focus only on the mission and not taking the time to care and understand the Soldiers personal situations that will effect quality of work. There are a lot of bad decisions being made just for a power trip which leads to corruption, decrease in morale, the start of the rumor mill and a unhappy play to come and work.

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