read the articles

Students will review three assigned articles (provided by the instructor) and produce a minimum of 1250 words (1” margins, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, no title page, heading single-spaced, text double spaced). Your audience should be imagined as adults of average to above average intelligence (pastors, parents, peers) who are not specialists in this field. You are writing for them and to them. This reading report should have two parts.

Part One: Article Summaries

You are to summarize each of the assigned articles. Pay attention to the aims of each article. What is the author trying to communicate? How does the author go about making the argument? Read carefully and write concisely. Allot about 310 words (1 page) per article. Remember to use APA for citations.

Part Two: Personal Appreciation or Evaluation of the Articles

This is the place where you articulate in some detail what you feel are the merits and/or shortcomings of each article. What aspects of the articles do you consider to be especially helpful or illuminating with regard to the book of Exodus? What aspects of the articles do you consider to be particularly troubling? Do you still have questions? What are they? Allot about 310 words (1 page) total for this section.

The assigned readings are:

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