read the following article national corrections college

Pay particular attention to “Section II. The Leadership Challenges Facing Corrections” on pages 60 – 66.

This article by Jacobs is actually advocating for a significant increase in federal funding for correctional training. While I agree with much of what he states, I especially like his description of the tremendous responsibilities and challenges correctional leaders face in the leadership roles. As we have now read Seiter’s chapter on Setting the Tone: Vision, Mission, and Strategic Planning, and Cullen and Jonson’s chapter Correctional Theory in Crisis, Jacobs’ essay highlights how tremendously difficult it might be to “set the tone” while simultaneously effectively dealing with staff, political, external, and offender dynamics AND focusing on “evidence-based” corrections.

Cullen and Jonson reference the Cincinnati Congress of 1870. Please click the following link to the American Corrections Association where you can read the original Declaration of Principles, but also read ACA’s most recent Declaration of Principles beginning with the preamble.

For this session’s discussion, address the following question: What do you believe are the most difficult challenges for correctional leadership to “set the tone” in todays correctional agencies?

Be sure to present your “big picture” ideas but also include specific examples when appropriate.

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