Need purpose, problem and research questions. 

Objective of study to determine whether customer service will be no more.  Replaced by technology.  The rate of adoption by seniors over 60.  Limited technology experience; how businesses are communicating the ease of use to self-service technology (SST).  To demonstrate the theory of fear and trust in using (SST).  Age difference, gender, and education; the theoretical contributions.

How businesses will get a portion of society involved in the world of technology. 

Current Problem Statement

Automation has changed the way customers do business, but are customers satisfied with the automated systems, and are those that lack the skills to use these systems considered?  More businesses are conducting business by using automated systems. Businesses are no longer concern with recurring customers or customer retention.  Customers’ satisfaction is no longer a priority, in fact, it is not considered.  Recurring customers return because of a need; utility companies, banking industries, healthcare facilities, etc.  These businesses and facilities are part of every customer need. 

Current purpose Statement

 The purpose of the study is to explore whether customers are affected by automation and is customer service gone. To explore whether businesses are more concern with the bottom line and productivity than recurring customers.  Customers are left with no alternative and are forced into automation.  To study the direction automation is going; and whether receptionist, desk clerks, and other help desk employees will be a something of the past.  Will automation provide a set of questions and answers that could provide real life solutions to customer’s questions? 

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