religion and government

Weekly Lesson Objective: Evaluate and connect how the laws, norms, and the social contract are created, enforced and modified, and how they influence and define acceptable and unacceptable behavior in society.

Weekly Deliverable: Create a timeline with at least five historical events (pre-2000) and five current events that demonstrate the relationship between American government, society and religion. Include an Executive Summary (conclusion/ discussion) that is a minimum of 300 words. Discuss how the relationship between American society, organized religion, and government has evolved since the Pilgrim’s Mayflower Compact (November 11, 1620).
What is an executive summary?…

The Format: Your outline should be based upon the following format:

Part One: For each of the ten entries, provide a brief description of the event and discussion how this event depicts the evolving relationship between religion and American governance. You can cite more than one article per example but you need to discuss ten separate entries.

Part Two: Include a one page Executive Summary (300 words) to reflect upon the current status of religion in American governance

1. Opening paragraph including a clear Thesis Statement (100 words).

a. Answer the question,

2. Conclusion (100 words):

Re-Cap your major arguments,

Make a final closing statement.

3. APA Bibliography

This week we use the course materials to explore the complex relationship between religion and American governance. From its earliest moments, America culture has been entwined with religion and individual faith. This week we examine this long-standing relationship and where it stands at the moment. The interest of government in religion is morality: the voluntary choice to act morally. In our system of governance, freedom & selfreliance are cherished values. As we read in the Social Contract, some argue the self-discipline of voluntary, moral behavior allows greater freedom for all members of society.

While approximately 7% of the citizens from other industrial “first world nations,” (England, France, Italy, and Germany) attend regular religious services, approximately 47% of Americans regularly attend religious services. According to PEW, approximately 88% of Americans consistently report a belief in God or some-form of higher consciousness.

To get you started, review the assigned reading articles.

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