religion culture and death presentation

create a presentation that differentiates dying rituals across cultures. Your presentation will include Jewish Customs, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. You will examine the cultural attitudes toward death, dying, and bereavement for each group.

A PowerPoint Slide Show with at least 10 slides with text and pictures, this does not include your introduction slide and the slide for your references. Include, as well as a full reference list at the end of the presentation

a. Customs/rituals to be followed as the person is near death/dying.
b. Preparation of the body for viewing and/or burial
c. Food/meal customs associated with the funeral and grieving period.
d. How do they dispose of the body?
e. Rituals for grieving/mourning the dead.
f. Special clothing or items to be worn by mourners.
g. Decorations or ordination during the funeral or grieving period
h. Requirements for remarriage after the death of a spouse.
i. Any religious customs/beliefs related to death, dying, and bereavement
j. Any other unique information relevant to death and death rituals.

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