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Future concerns likely to impact public health are environmental concerns. “Environmental concerns for clean air, clean water, and freedom from noxious chemicals must become nursing concerns” (Nies, & McEwen, p. 263, 2018). Environmental health efforts need to be addressed anticipating future issues and problems. There is an extreme need in developing resources in environmental health. The environmental health history of each patient is important. Nurses should always be aware of the impact and implications of the environment for their patients, their health, and well-being.

Global health concerns impact our communities and are creating serious problems. We need to change our lifestyles to protect the environment. Air pollution is a great risk to health. “The primary cause of air pollution (burning fossil fuels) impacts people’s health in different ways” (World Health Organization).

It is important as health care workers to build partnerships with the community, to implement and improve the health of communities. “Regardless of their education level or their work assignment, all nurses have a responsibility and obligation to promote population health” (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2017). Implementing population health care can be achieved by connecting with local resources and promoting learning and behavior changes. As a nurse in your community you must take a holistic approach to coordinate, collaborate, and advocate for individuals and the community.

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