report on a problem

– I need a report on a problem which you will find in the attached file.

– The attached file only has a brief summary of the problem and some information and ideas.

– The report should include detailed information following the outline below.

– Please follow the points and ideas in the file and elaborate more to fit the requirements of the outline and in addition to that, please provide some more research and information to fit the rest of the outline, which are not covered in the attached document (Example: Budgeting, schedule, consequences of inaction, …etc)

  • Introduction
    • Context/background information for the problem
    • A brief summary of the proposed solution and its key benefits or features
  • Problem/Need
    • Explanation of problem or need
    • Causes of problem or need
    • Consequences of inaction
  • Solution
    • Details of the solution
    • Benefits of the solution
    • Ways in which the solution satisfies decision criteria
  • Implementation
    • Schedule for implementing the solution
    • Budget
  • References How many visual elements? Three (3) seems good to me, but really think about the points you’re trying to make and the data you’re presenting. Look for opportunities to strengthen the main points of the report with visual elements (charts, diagrams, tables, images, etc.). You are being graded on your ability to locate and exploit opportunities for visual elements and text to work together to achieve a common rhetorical objective. If you can do that at least three times, you satisfy this requirement.
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