research assignment 33

Research Assignment

Assignment: You will be researching a topic related to Human Geography and writing a brief (3-5 pages) paper presenting your research.

Topics: Describe some of the major differences between a chosen major U.S. city and a chosen major European city (for example, New York and London). What are some of the key distinctions between how the cores of the cities are used? Why might public transportation be much more popular in your chosen European city than in your chosen U.S. city?

Citations: You must provide citations for information gathered from your research. Use APA style for in-text citations and for your Works Cited and/or bibliography pages. An excellent source for APA style and citation is the website The OWL at Purdue. See the attached page for the Avila policy.

Writing Style: Use formal Standard English and writing conventions. Papers must be word-processed, double spaced and in Arial font, size 12.

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