research journal 2

You will then conduct research on your selected city to find a current criminal justice issue related to the city. Consider what position you want to hold in the future when researching issues in your chosen city. You may be able to find an issue to address in your capstone project that resembles what you want to do; this will help you showcase the relevant skills you have developed in this program. Whatever issue you select should be highly publicized so that you can use it as the basis of your problem analysis.

Your journal assignment should state your scenario, your city, and your chosen issue. Briefly explain why you made these selections.

would chose Probation/Parole Officer as position

Chicago, IL is the city that have chosen for this.

Scenario B: Corrections

You are in a leadership position in a fictitious organization located in the city you selected. The Wokefield County Jail is the fictitious corrections department in your selected city. This organization has experienced some shortcomings as a result of the state’s budget restraints in the previous year. The Wokefield County Jail currently has over 30 full-time vacancies due to insufficient funding for those positions. The Wokefield County Jail is struggling to maintain the national average (and desired) officer-to-inmate ratio of five correctional officers for every inmate. As a result, the inherent danger to the existing employees has risen dramatically. Some correctional officers are contemplating leaving the organization due to the perceived unnecessary risk to their safety. The Wokefield Department of Corrections currently has 120 correctional officers. The annual budget for the Wokefield County Jail is $28 million. Most of the budget (71%) is spent on two things: inmate services (such as rehabilitation programs) and the annual salaries of employees. In addition to problem of employee vacancies, the state wants to cut an additional $1 million from the budget in the upcoming fiscal year.

Due to recent policy changes at the Wokefield Police Department, there has been an increase in the number of arrests made per month. The number of arrests nearly doubled from the 203 arrests in the previous month. You are a recently promoted regional director within the Wokefield County Jail. It is your job is to supervise, plan, and coordinate the operations and planning of both inmate and correctional officer activities. You will provide a strategic planning proposal to the county sheriff to solve an external issue while also considering the internal issues occurring within the organization.

The Wokefield County Jail’s mission statement is the following:

To create and maintain a county jail that is secure and safe for both inmates and staff, and that meets or surpasses all governmental requirements and standard operating procedures, the Wokefield County Jail will also provide opportunities for inmates to improve their lives and deal with personal issues.

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