respond a discussion question for history 3


I just want you to responded to the response question that already answered and give some thought and examples to this:


What challenges did the United States face in the immediate years after the American Revolution and why? What were the outcomes of those challenges?


The United States faced many challenges in the immediate years following the American Revolution. Creating the constitution was one of the major challenges. They had to go through some financial issues that threatened the new nation, (David Emory Shi, 196). Farmers wanted to rid their debts and not pay more taxes so that led to Shays rebellion. The rebellion was a failure and all it did was spread panic among the wealthy Americans. When it came time to start writing the constitution in 1787, some allies and feuds were made with the different states. George Washington predicted that the Constitution would not last for more than 20 years (David Emory Shi 208). Many people were skeptic and unsure of the new constitution. in 1789 George Washington became the first President of the tiny national government that faced many massive challenges ahead. The new United states had to pay off debt, start a bank (the bank of the United States), support the expansion of the states before they could really get started becoming the United States that we see today. The outcomes of the constitution became something that we still follow today! I think they created a wonderful document for us to carry on in the future.

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