response to julie ruiz dq two

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The topic that I find most interesting is on hospital ethics and ethics committees. As a behavioral health nurse, there are numerous ethical situations that arise and I believe that utilizing an ethics committee would be helpful in manycircumstances. These committiees are established to “assure that ethicists are ableto serve the common good by helping for-profit companies become more ethically responsible—a goal to which ethicists must commit themselves if they are to befaithful to their profession.” (McCartney, 2009, p. 1)

My view on the analysis of disease and healing in the readings is that spirituality plays an important role in the management of diseases and healing. One’s faith and outlook can provide methods for coping and acceptance. It can also lift someone from a sense of despair and help them to make positive changes in their health practices. For nurses, respecting and fostering their patients spirituality is essential for providing holistic care. I was disappointed to read in our readings that “… the common people in her day were becoming atheists and thereby losing their basis for ethical behavior.” (Shelly & Miller, 2006, p. 14) While Christianity can provide a morale framework for ethics, it does not have a monopoly on goodness. I respect everyone’s religion, or absence of religion, in my nursing practice, and seek to provide compassionate care and respect based on their personal beliefs and values. I also work with nurses from other cultures, religions, and no religious faith, and do not believe they give substandard care or practice with less compassion that Christian nurses. I do agree with the reading that some nurses are entering the profession for economic reasons as their main motive. To me, this is the main root of the problem with nurses who do not uphold the high standards within our practice.


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