rococo painting analysis

1. Rococo art style contains four basic characteristics. As lectured in class, explain and define each characteristic in your own words:

-Frivolous / superficial

-Association with aristocracy

-Entertainment / decorative functions

-Sexual or intimate nature

2. For this assignment, you must analyze:

A. One painting by Antoine Watteau
B. One painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

C. One painting by François Boucher

Your analysis must include:

-The painting techniques you learned from the Renaissance.

-The Rococo characteristics you defined above by showing how and where those characteristics appear in the art works.

-Check to see if the artwork refers to a mythological or religious story; provide a short summary of the story.

You are not allowed to choose art works discussed in class.

Your answers must be written in your own words and you must cite your sources.

These are the Art works discussed in class.Rococo (Do not used)

Sign for Gersaint’s Shop, Antoine Watteau, 1720

Flora, Rosalba Carriera, 1730

Nude on the Sofa, Francois Boucher, 1752

The Swing, Jean-Honore Fragonard, 1766

Progress of Love, Fragonard, 1771-73

Love Letters, Fragonard, 1773

Marie Antoinette by Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun, 1783

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