short research paper 5

I’m expecting students to write up some elements of their work on their topics.

  • This is designed as an assignment of at least 1000 words, which may take the form of some combination (or just one) of the following, but at minimum, include the last bullet (reflection):
  • Write up your findings as a short research paper. Cite from at least Casagrande and Lynch + any other sources that apply (e.g. Blue Book, how-to websites, etc.).
  • If you created content via some lesson handouts, a script, a website, etc. that you shared during the presentation, explain that process briefly and include a word count for those materials that you wrote and used during the presentation.
  • Reflect on your process for studying your topic. What’s up with rules, standards, and variation? (That’s not the only reflection question possible, just a starting point.) Cite from at least one of our course readings or a related reading that you found on your own; I think that the Mike Rose article on rules and writer’s block (Meeting 8) would be a particularly useful piece to incorporate into this reflection.

Will give more info once assigned

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