staff retention project

This project is to provide an idea to retain staff in a 30 bed critical care unit bed. Per my manager T.C. on 6/6/19 , “RN turnover rate for the past year is 7%. Higher than the national average 3%-4%. The majority of RNs resign because of advancing career (i.e. ARNP) and prn RNs unable to fulfill requirements”. I asked her for an exact number of nurses and I’m waiting for her to get back with me. I feel that education and financial incentives will retain nurses. I linked the RACI model template and example of chart she provided. Please use reference from text book.

Write a short paper (1-page) in APA format describing trends of nursing attrition within your job department within the past 1-2 years. What is the current number of full-time equivalent nurses (FTEs) on your unit compared to 1-2 years ago? You will probably need to discuss this with your manager to get the information.

Provide one idea to retain nurses on your unit or in your organization. Using the statistics and information from the Florida Center for Nursing and your readings, provide a plan to improve retention using evidence-based criteria and providing citations. Also, illustrate the trends with a graph such as the example given below

Create a RACI action plan to describe how you would develop and implement your plan.

This model template will allow you to process “How” you would go about making the changes within your organization.

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