stories and creative leadership

M1 Written Assignment – Analysis

Each formal paper is an analytical examination in which you seek to discover something you would not have had you not written about it in a thoughtful and inquisitive way. Each paper needs a thesis, which is usually found at the end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis is the central claim of the paper, and the thing that helps guide and organize the entire paper. It is the thing around which the entire paper is centered—the center of gravity. I like to think of it visually as the nucleus around which the electrons and protons gravitate. It is the thing you are trying to figure out and examine. A thesis, by definition, is an arguable assertion, something with which people can disagree. It is not a statement of fact or conventional wisdom (a generally agreed upon idea). It may help to think of a thesis as a hypothesis. The terminology of hypothesis emphasizes that you are testing your ideas in order to clarify, complicate, and refine them. You do not want to simply corroborate (i.e., prove) your thesis, but find out if it works, in what ways it works, when it works, and to what extent it works. This also means if your initial thesis does not work the way you thought, you do not need to abandon it. Rather, you revise it as it encounters the evidence provided in the paper. A good thesis evolves into the most potent, clarified, and distilled version of the initial hypothesis.

M1 Analysis – Assignment Instructions

Examine the concept of leadership using the Module 1 readings. How do the authors define leadership? What are the commonalities among these definitions? What are the differences? How are these definitions specific to particular fields and/or vocations? Point out potentially incompatible and/or contradictory definitions and examine how these differences might generate productive discussion for the importance of leadership as a topic of study, particularly for the way people talk about (tell stories of/for) leadership. Make clear you have completed the required reading but don’t seek only to “cover” or list the readings. Also select several readings to analyze in a deep and thoughtful way. Outside sources are not necessary and may only be used with professor approval.

Length: 1,250 – 1,500 words (~ 5-6 pages, not including references or title page)

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