students will write a 3 page paper analyzing the article of their choice under the psychology 101 lens

Students will choose a recent news article (not a peer-reviewed article) that is relevant to the course content. Students will write a 3 page paper analyzing the article of their choice under the Psychology 101 lens. I recommend choosing one or two chapters to refer to for analysis, but a minimum of two scholarly articles are required. You must present your article or tell me your event of your choosing prior so that I may approve it and provide guidance. Details of this paper will be provided on CANVAS.

All assignments must be done in APA format, 12-point font, double-spaced, and with 1 inch margins. If you are unfamiliar with APA, please refer to American Psychological Association Publication Manuel.

Hello! A few things…I will link the free textbook PDF for the analysis in the paper. I have also attached the rubric needed to fulfill an A on my paper. The last time I used study pool for a psych paper, I got an F on it so please don’t let me down!

I have to email my professor the article that I’m using for the essay so she approves it, but I’m leaving that to you so you find an article that you are comfortable writing about. Just please link me the article so I send it to her. Any article should be fine as long as it has the capability of being written about through a psychological lens. And please make sure it’s a recent news article and not a scholarly article. So anything from NYT, LA Times, Washington Post, etc. work.

I’m paying more than I usually do, so please keep that in mind.

Thank you in advance.…

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