summary assignment for anthropology class

Instructions for “Making of the Fittest” Abstract

Read Chapter 2 of Making of the fittest provided below.

The first page: Include a key words list. These are words or very short phrases that would give a potential reader an idea of what the article is about. Include the definitions of these words/phrases and these words/phrases should be used in the summary as well.

The second page: Should be a summary of what the chapter should be about. Use the words or phrases in the key words list in the summary as well.

The Third page:At the end of the work provide your opinion of the quality of the writing and how convincing or academically sound the work appears to be. No more than 4 sentences for both.

Use normal fonts, double spacing, approximately one inch margins, and make the total piece no longer than three pages. Since you are representing Sean Carroll’s work do not present your own opinions in the body of the summary.

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