The first World Religion we are encountering is Judaism. For your first task, I ask that you read Chapter 1: An Outsider’s Perspective by Philip A. Cunningham, pages 17-29, of World Religions in DialoguePlease compose answers to the following questions, writing at least 5 sentences per question, and post them below

Question 1: Choose one of the distinctive features of Judaism (pp. 19-22) and describe its importance in your own words. Then reflect on how it might remain meaningful for Jewish people in modern life.  

Question 2: Judaism and Christianity have a complex (and at times sordid) history. Why are these two religions so closely connected (and will remain that way as long as they exist)?

Question 3: Religions are as much about practices as they are about beliefs (if not more so). Discuss one or two of the liturgical practices found in Judaism (pp. 26-27) and describe how they are (or might be) connected to the beliefs discussed throughout the chapter (be specific).

Below is the Link for the Chapter

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