the human musculo skeletal system



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You are required to write an academic report which covers the sections outlined below.

Using the appropriate anatomical terminology explain the following:
• Arm movements to pour a glass of juice and take a sip.
• Movements required to walk upstairs.
• Relative position of the nose to the belly button.
• Position of the heart relative to the liver, bladder, lungs and appendix.

Analyse the human body in terms of organ systems, organs, tissues and cells through the analysis of the levels of organisation within the human body. You should use the circulatory system to demonstrate these levels of organisation. You do not need to discuss all organ systems.

Include diagrams to support your commentary where appropriate.

Demonstrate that you understand the skeletal system and locomotion through analysis and discussion of the following areas:
• The functions of the skeletal system including the main types of joints and the role of connective tissue.
• The development of the skeleton.
• The relationships between the structures of the bones and their functions.
• The structure and function in a range of joints.
• How muscular forces are transmitted by the skeletal system.

Include diagrams to support your commentary where appropriate.

To demonstrate that you understand the muscular system you need to:
• Discuss the morphology, microanatomy of muscle cells and analyse the gross anatomy (overall structure) of the three muscle types.
• Discuss the morphology and micro anatomy of cells in connective tissue.
• Explain how the nervous system controls muscle contraction.
• Explain the contractile response.

Include diagrams to support your commentary where appropriate.
Relevant theory must be referenced where appropriate, and you must provide a references list and bibliography.

Your report should also contain appropriate drawings and diagrams to support your commentary. If these are taken from published sources, they must be referenced accordingly.

The report should be a maximum of 1,500 words in length.
Conclusions and recommendations must stem from your findings, and you must ensure that a references list and bibliography are included.

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