the promise of sociology by c wright mills

file:///Users/Daniel/Downloads/ThePromise.pdf (the link to the Promise of Sociology) (The link to how to think like a sociologist)


For this assignment you will critically respond to the article The Promise of Sociology.


Use the following questions to help you critically respond to the article.

  1. Briefly discuss the argument. What is the point that Mills is trying to get across?
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of his arguments? In other words, what does Mills do well and what are the shortcomings of his argument? (at least one of each)
  3. How does this particular argument engage with the article How to Think Like a Sociologist? Compare the articles with one another: similarities, differences or examples of the steps being used by Mills, etc.
  4. Do you agree or disagree with Mills and his ideas about the promise of sociology? Explain your position.


This paper is worth 55 points, 2-3 pages in length. The paper should be written in a basic essay format (use the Basic Essay Format document included in the Week One module). Other formatting requirements: Times New Roman & 12 pt font, 1 inch margins and double spaced (formal citations are not required). You will upload your paper as a Word or PDF document.

Your paper should be written at the collegiate level and proof read (this means that spelling and grammar counts towards your grade as well). To receive all of the possible points for this assignment you must address all points listed above. However, you should devote most of your discussion to addressing points two and three.

Do not seek out other interpretations of this article online. Read the article and answer the questions based on your understanding. I know that this article is a challenging read and you are just starting on your journey towards a sociological understanding of the world. I do not expect you to respond as an expert but I do expect your response to reflect the effort of someone who has taken the time to critically read and think about the article. Check out the Tips For Critical Reading document available in this module for specific strategies.

Please note that I use a plagiarism checker that is embedded in the course (Vericite). The penalty for plagiarism is harsh, don’t do it (penalty explained in syllabus).

Do not plagiarize please!!

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