time to design a network

In 6–8 pages

Continue using the template that was modified in Unit 1. Submit your Capstone project work to the Group submission area. Include the word “DRAFT” in the document title. Your second draft will then be available to share with your team. The second draft will also be available for your instructor to review the team’s progress.

Use the company profile and scenario found here as the subject of your Systems Implementation Plan.

Team Project

New Requirements

Designing a network involves data, voice, and power considerations. Creating a well-integrated social relationship platform involves interoperability with other technologies, such as customer relationship management (CRM). Assume you are designing a network infrastructure for Verbania. The company requires an efficient network that carries data, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Power over Ethernet (PoE). It also requires the effective use of a CRM system to pull customers’ social media data for review and analysis to improve the user experience and generate profits.

Capstone Project Activity – Unit 2

The project team must analyze the New Requirements. This section will specify what the company will need in the area of solution elements, such as networking, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Specifically, this section will answer the following questions (at a minimum):

  • Which type of network topology would you recommend for the corporate backbone and the wired and wireless connections? Why do you think this would be the best choice?
  • Which type of cabling would you recommend? Why do you think this would be the best choice?
  • How will the network infrastructure accommodate remote access?
  • What solution would you propose to integrate the social media site with a CRM solution?
  • What security considerations are involved?

Collaborate and work with the network specialist on your team. Be sure to capture and document the decisions made in the appropriate section of the Capstone project document.

Prepare 6–8 pages of content addressing the team’s system analysis of requirements defined in Section One. Insert content into the template document under Section Two.

In 300 words

Review the group questions to be addressed on networking and CRM recommendations that are described in the second half of the Unit 2 IP. Work with your group to divide the questions among the group members. Discuss a recommendation for one of the questions in detail with this broader audience. Obtain other views and perspectives for consideration. Support your recommendation using what you know about the company Verbania, knowledge of technologies, and best practices.

You may wish to prepare a Word document that contains your recommendations.

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